Your partner in the purchase, felling and transport of wood


Procuring timber along truck roads is facilitated by MEGALES experts, who possess extensive training in precise timber measurement and grading.

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We also provide the option of purchasing standing timber, i.e., timber “on the stump”. To proceed with this kind of purchase, Megales requires a decision from the Slovenia Forest Service (ZGS), granting approval for the selected tree felling.
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We specialize in wood felling and harvesting services, tailoring our approach to suit both terrain conditions and professional requirements. Our decision on whether to employ manual or mechanized methods depends on the individual situation. We utilize tractors, cable cars, or, in rare circumstances, manual labour for timber harvesting.
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We offer all types of timber transport services, accommodating various lengths and requirements. We transport sawn timber, wood chips and bulk cargo. Our transportation services extend beyond Slovenia serving neighbouring countries as well.
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MEGALES - Your partner in timber purchasing, harvesting, and transporting since 1992.

Throughout the years since our company was founded, we have been gaining knowledge and experience, fostering close relationships with both our suppliers and customers. Evolving from humble beginnings, we have steadily grown into one of the leading companies within the logging and timber procurement industry.

Our business success is underscored by numerous Slovenian and internationally recognised certificates that validate our outstanding performance. We proudly hold certifications from PEFCTM in FSC® systems. Furthermore, our dedication to business excellence and trustworthiness has been acknowledged with the prestigious Excellent SME Slovenia certificate, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. This commitment is further exemplified by the Golden Certificate of Credit Rating Excellence 2018, solidifying our position as one of the most reliable, credible, and low risk companies to work with.

We thank our loyal customers and suppliers who trust us and believe in the integrity of our work.


Latest news from our company.


Certificate of Silver Credit Excellence

Based on the 2023 analyses, Dun & Bradstreet awards MEGALES, d. o. o., Strahinj, the privilege to display the internationally recognised Silver Excellence status. Companies qualifying for this distinction must consistently meet the A, AA, or AAA rating excellence criteria for three consecutive years. The Silver Certificate of Rating Excellence symbolizes a business entity that is…


Auction of high-value timber

The auction for high-value timber, renowned for its quality and utility in crafting musical instruments, furniture, boats, and more, was once again held in Carinthia this year. A remarkable total of 9566 logs were collected, making a record quality. While most of the log owners come from Slovenia, there is also representation from Croatia, Hungary,…


MojGozdar logo authorisation

As part of the MojGozdar (MyForester) project, we have been officially granted permission to display the MojGozdar logo once more. The endorsement came after a thorough evaluation conducted by an expert assessor from the Forestry Institute of Slovenia, who awarded us the privilege of utilizing FIVE MojGozdar cones. According to the website, the main…


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